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Website Monitoring

Has your website ever gone down? Have you ever received a complaint about your website not being available? Well, your worries are over. All Web Promotion's Website Monitoring division will work to ensure that your website is up and running.

Website Monitoring is an essential service employed by all professional webmasters. By ensuring that a website's problems are identified and reported quickly, website monitoring, in general, minimizes the duration of service disruptions, and reduces potential losses and user frustration.

Our Website Monitoring Services

All Web Promotion account managers monitor and verify that our client's websites are and up and running without problems. We perform a series of tests to determine if the application is responding correctly and simultaneously.

If server errors are encountered, such as: pages not found, servers not responding, or Internet routing errors, you are notified immediately by E-mail, Pager, or cell phone so that you may fix problems before they cost you customers, sales, reputation, or even search engine positioning.

Website Monitoring Fees
  • $14.95 Monthly Fee
           - Includes 1 URL or Page
           - Includes Setup Procedures
           - Includes Monthly Monitoring

  • $4.95 Monthly Fee Per Extra Url
           - Includes 1 URL or Page
           - Includes Setup Procedures
           - Includes Monthly Monitoring
  • Customers coming to your website to purchase an item, get information or submit a question, expect a certain standard of performance. If your website is slow to respond or unable to meet customer expectations, you could be putting your company’s brand, customer loyalty and revenue at risk. In fact, offline brands developed over many years can be significantly hurt by one poor online experience!

    Our Website Monitoring services does not just ping your server, like so many other monitoring services do, it performs page content checks via HTTP protocol. In other words it reads web pages just as any other browser does, checking for certain keywords within the page.

    Client Story
    One of our clients had a site go down on a Friday afternoon. They did not have a website monitoring system in place and therefore did not know about the problem. By Monday they had estimated a loss of over $8,000 in sales. Don't let this happen to you. Sign up today and begin monitoring your website at monthly rates you can afford.

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