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SEO Intelligence Report

Our SEO Intelligence Report is literally the first step in building a successful search engine optimization campaign. Our report is divided into 3 sections and contains highly valuable information about your web site.

What does our report contain exactly? Using a combination of internet tools and proprietary methods, we will identify the most relevant industry-related keywords for your web site, highlight problematic areas within your web site’s design, layout, source code, and overall usability, and outline the major differences between your website and your top 3 competitors.

| SEO Intelligence Report |
Price:  $600.00
Project Time:  1 Week

»  Keyword Research & Analysis
»  Web Site Review & Analysis
»  Competitor Review & Analysis
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Our SEO Intelligence Report Includes:

Keyword Research and Analysis
Why guess at the top search terms to target on your website? Knowing what words and phrases people use to search the Web is an essential component of any well-executed search engine marketing campaign. Our keyword research identifies the most relevant and effective keywords for your search engine optimization campaign. In addition to just outlining the top search terms for your industry, we will also provide our personal recommendations as to what keywords best fit your project at hand.

Web Site Review and Analysis
Search engine traffic is worthless if your web site is broken or has design or layout flaws that are preventing visitors from shopping it. With our web site review, our team of design and marketing experts will analyze your web site and highlight any problematic areas in your web site's design, layout, source code, and overall usability. In addition, our team will also ensure that your web site is search engine friendly - meaning that search engines are able to crawl, index, and rank your web site without problems.

Competitor Review and Analysis
You'd be surprised at what you can learn and leverage from monitoring the top web sites in your industry... especially in regards to search engine optimization. Our competitor review is a side-by-side analysis which offers an up-close look at the top 3 ranking web site's in your industry. Our goal is to outline many of the differences between your web site and those of your closest competitors and then to provide you with our personal recommendations as to what you'll need to do in order to compete effectively.

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