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Photography Portfolio

Any website, especially an online store, should have accurate detailed photos of the products they're selling. Accurate representations of your products allow customers to see clearly what they are purchasing, and help to differentiate your website from competitors.

Our team of highly-skilled photographers have what it takes to bring your products to life. They have the capabilities to photograph your images with a 100% pure white background, allowing quick and easy uploading, saving you from paying for extra image editing services.

With that, we have prepared the following portfolio which further highlights our Product Photography abilities. For additional information on our Product Photography services please review our "Product Photography" page, complete our on-line "request a quote" form, or use the information provided on our contact us page.

Skin 1 - Skin Care Product Photography
Product Photography - Skin 1

Description: Skin 1 is a professional skin care organization with experience in all aspects of skin therapy. They have been in business for 28 years and all of their products are especially chosen for the benefits that they offer to their Clients.

Photography Goals: Skin 1 came to us with the desire of not only wanting high-end quality photography, but product photography that would no doubt let their website stand out amongst other online skin care websites. Our team of very talented photographers came up with multiple solutions, similar to the sample one on the left, which features the products container and the actual product.

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Stair Warehouse - Stair Parts Product Photography
Product Photography - Stair Warehouse

Description: Stair Warehouse is an online wood stair parts store, featuring a wide variety of newel posts, stair balusters, box newels, fittings, treads and handrails.

Photography Goals: Stair Warehouse wanted to show their products in two different ways. First they wanted a shot of an entire newel post and a smaller close up, such as the example on the left, to show the finer detail that each product offered.

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Dolls Bears N Things - Doll Clothing Product Photography

Product Photography - Sew Special Gifts

Description: Dolls Bears N Things is a one-stop shop for affordable, quality American Girl Doll clothes, accessories, and books.

Photography Goals: Dolls Bears N Things called upon All Web Promotion's photography team to photograph their inventory in a way that best represented the products at hand. It was very important to this client that we produce clear photographs, because they in no way shape or form wanted to misrepresent the products they were selling. As you can see from the photo on the left, our skilled photographers did just that.

All Web Promotion - Golf Ball Test
Product Photography - All Web Promotion

Photography Goals: This photograph was taken in order to test our photography team's ability to shoot difficult objects in a time efficient manner. A golf ball is not only difficult to shoot on a pure white background, but in almost all cases would reflect light and create an unpleasant shadow.

As you can see from our example, our skilled photographers had no difficulty capturing this golf ball or other products of its nature. It is important to note that we shot this in 3 min. (start to finish) and without the use of image editing software.

Bella Cosa - Beaded Jewelry Product Photography

Product Photography - Bella Cosa

Description: Bella Cosa offers custom, hand-crafted beaded jewelry at affordable prices. Each piece of beaded jewelry is designed according to the desires of that particular customer.

Photography Goals: It was important to Bella Cosa that their product photography was not only captivating, but showed the true detail that existed in each hand-made piece. Our skilled product photographers were able to capture clear and accurate representations of her products, as show with this Swarovski Crystal bracelet.

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Ariva Skin Care - Skin Care Product Photography
Product Photography - Ariva Skin Care

Description: Ariva Skin Care offers high-quality, natural skin care and beauty products as well as services to help improve your overall health of skin and body.

Photography Goals: Ariva Skin Care felt that the quality of their website's photography could essential be a major selling factor. Our team combined custom ideas and came up solutions that best highlighted their product's details, such as color and texture, as shown in our example on the left.

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LHA Elegant Glass - Glass Product Photography
Product Photography - LHA Elegant Glass

Description: LHA Elegant Glass has been custom creating unique glass pieces, such as windows, doors, and small night-lights for over 10 years. They guarantee that each of their pieces are custom built and detailed to their customer's individual desires.

Photography Goals: LHA Elegant Glass desired visually pleasing photographs that they could add to their website as a way to entice potential customers into buying their products. Our team of expert photographers came up with several solutions including this beautiful photograph of a glass butterfly.

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